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Students will learn about the engineering design process as a method of problem solving used to create a system, a product or a process that meets an identified need. In addition, they will use 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) to:

• Construct a 3-D scale model based on geometric relationships using engineering design software and computer technology as required by OASD/RA
• Demonstrate basic CAD operation and skills in the areas of:
      sketching (2-D geometry creation and modifications)
      geometric and dimensional constraints (applying appropriate constraints)
      modeling (3-D modeling skills and modifications)
      assemblies (understanding and creating simple assemblies)
• Relate geometric relationships and mathematical applications to parameters of CAD.
• Apply basic computer skills such as mouse dexterity, keyboarding, data entry and folder navigation.
• Define the relationship between the diameter and radius of a circle.