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STARBASE Oklahoma 2.0
STARBASE Oklahoma 2.0 is a afterschool STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) mentoring program for sixth through eighth grade students.

Why STARBASE Oklahoma 2.0?

Students in Oklahoma are at-risk in terms of their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. In the 2018 State Technology and Science Index Rankings (Milken Institute, 2018), Oklahoma ranked 47th out of 50 states.

The Mission

To combine STEM activities with a relationship rich, school-based environment to provide a missing link for at-risk youth making the transition from elementary to middle school. It extends the positive impact of STARBASE through a team mentoring approach which solidifies students’ attachment to and engagement with school.

Program Elements of STARBASE 2.0

• Team Mentoring
• School-based mentoring, and
• After school programming

These three elements bring participants together in a safe, club environment to learn. The team mentoring means a low mentor to student ration: one mentor for every three or four participants. School-based means the club meetings are held at the school where the participants attend classes daily. After-school programming means just that: the program is held immediately following the close of classes at the school.

Interested in STARBASE 2.0?

The club meetings are split into three areas: team exploration, goal setting, and STEM navigation.

During the team exploration phase, participants and mentors discuss life planning principles, mentors share keys to their successful navigation of the STEM education and career fields and they work together to breakdown potential barriers and overcome obstacles for future student success.

During the STEM navigation portion of the program, clubs explore STEM education and career fields trough guest speakers, video presentations and visits to industries with STEM-related career fields and STEM-related organizations. Participants also work on their own STEM project through robotics, rocketry, dragster design, construction, CAD, and other STEM studies.

To become involved contact:

9131 E. Viper Street
Tulsa, OK, 74115
or call us at 918-833-7757,
fax at 918-833-7769.